Hi. Welcome to my website. I am a fiction writer living on the doorstep to the Downs close to the south coast of England. I studied for a Masters in Creative Writing at Chichester University and was awarded a distinction in 2015. I am a member of the West Sussex Writers and the Historical Novel Society.


I grew up in West Wales and still go back there to visit my relatives and the scenery (not necessarily in that order). For me writing begins with place. Others may say it should be plot or character, but I'm not talking about precedence: I'm talking about a starting point. We moved to Wales when I was eight and I've always been jealous of those who have deep roots and solid foundations; who were born and bred in the same place. Many of my favourite writers seem to have flourished partly because of that. 

Most of my successful stories have been inspired by being somewhere: a cold preserved battlefield, riding a train into the Appalachians, lost roads, abandoned mines, a flight of canal locks. I love to feel out the depth of the past, to wade in and find its shelving point. I like to imagine connections between moments in time. For me it's about finding a story that lives within the place and the history.


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