Tigers in Blue was published on December 8th, 2023.

Two brutal years in America's civil war have made a veteran of Shire; his younger self buried beneath scars and unwanted memories. Unable to help, he watches as Tuck - his Union brother-in-arms  - retreats from reality. Both the war and Shire's heart relentlessly circle him back to Clara, his childhood love. He needs to believe they can share a life beyond the war.


Clara's home is in ashes. Shire has left her once again to rejoin the fighting further south. She moves west in search of a new life and a past love.


Captain Tod Carter rides with the Confederate Army. He's obliged to watch over a young lieutenant, fresh to the war and with too many questions; questions that loom large as the army crosses into Tennessee, marching ever closer to Tod's family.


The western war sweeps towards its climax. The Rebels must risk all in one final campaign. Armies, lives and loves will collide to decide who will find their home, and who will find a shallow grave.


Tigers in Blue is the climactic final novel of the Shire's Union trilogy. 



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Tigers in Blue art from John Brinded.

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